2 Billion Jobs To Disappear by 2030: Will Robots Take Over Your Job?


In the next decade or so, 60% of North America’s job force will disappear (2 Billion Jobs To Disappear by 2030). Now that is shocking. The question then becomes, is, how can you protect your future? How can you protect your kids future?


So let’s first investigate this job force. What is disappearing? Out of the 60% of jobs disappearing, majority of these jobs in general, are robotic jobs, they are aggregate and apply, meaning the individual in this job is doing data research, that’s the first step, so they gather data. The second step is with that data, they now apply that data to a procedure, that is aggregate and apply.


If you think about this, in a robot can do that, any software can do that. And you see it every single day, you see it. More and more jobs are being replaced, just the other day, I think I was reading Tech Crunch or one of these big media websites and I saw McDonald’s has hologram cashiers in Hong Kong. Hologram cashiers. Okay, think about that for a second, hologram cashiers.


So what can you do to protect yourself and your kids’ future? You have got to be educated, not  being educated, but being educated, if you get my drift. There’s two big difference right there.


You’ve got to look at the trend, you can’t be passive in life, you can’t just say “Oh, the government is going to help me.” Or “The school system is going to help me.” No, you have to be aggressive, not passive but aggressive. You’ve got to push yourself, you’ve got to go over there and figure out what’s going on.


They asked Abraham Lincoln “Abraham Lincoln, how are you so good at predicting the future?” He was like, “I don’t predict the future, I make my future.” Successful people go out there and they forge their own path, they read, they research, they get mentored, they educate themselves on a daily basis, they understand the trends what’s happening on a global economic scale.


So, let’s go deeper into that 60%, if we are talking about replacement, that means new industries are being born. Robotics is going to be huge, that’s going to be a trillion dollar industry. So, that’s a perfect example for you, maybe you can get into robotics: maybe you can learn programming.


I always tell everybody if you want your kids to have a brighter future, teach them programming, whether it’s front-end programming, backend programming, block chain programming, whatever types of programming, they all lead down the same rabbit hole, if you learn one, you learn many. Learn programming, forget English or Mandarin language so verbal language, it’s all about the mathematical heuristic language that’s going to be the future. So programming.


Number two, hardware. So if we are talking about robotics, obviously we need to develop these robots, that equals industries, so get into robotics.


Now will robots become security? I just finished reading Alec Ross’s book The Industries of The Future and he talks about securities. This is going to be a  trillion dollar industry and that’s why I’m a big fan of block chain coming up, not to bittcoin or anything but block chain, from  transfer of
information from point A to point B. So maybe you can get into securities.


But I mean by securities are software securities, hardware securities, securities in general. People always need to be secure, information needs to be secure, programs need to be secured, robots as personal property need to be secured.


Next industry that’s going to be disrupted is a medicine, huge disruption going on over there. Most of these big venture capital firms, they are doubling down on genomics. So, gene science, maybe you can get into that.


This is where sometimes post secondary school comes in handy, but this is specific, not the general. You’re not going to get a bachelor of arts or just even bachelor of science, you’re progressing your field so you are learning maybe molecular biology or you are learning for example, I don’t know maybe can get your PhD in some genetic manipulation etc., so it’s very specific and just for that field and you know for a fact that you’re going to be focusing on that and become a specialist at that.


And we always need health and genomics it is a fine mixture of industries over there because with genomics you have biotech, with biotech you have robotics, with robotics you have more into B to B play and also B to C play.


Okay now  lets’s look around us, what are some immediate industries that you and I are going to be affected within the first five years or the next five years? I was just with a Council man over here in Toronto we were talking about plans for the new automated self driving cars, within five years, Toronto will have self driving cars.


So what does that mean? All of these taxi drivers complaining, see you later. Even the uber  drivers, see you later. So what’s going to happen? Well trucking industry, goodbye.


So what do you do then, with all these people that don’t have a job anymore? You don’t have a job, you are a trucker.  How many truckers are there in North America? Hundreds of thousands, maybe there’s two million truckers in North America. What do you do with two million truckers?


Well, hey, let’s look at what they do currently in their job. They sit down anywhere from I say  a minimum of  fifteen hours to the maximum of forty hours, I hear some crazy stories of truckers. So they’re used to sitting and they’re used to paying attention on the road.


Great, perfect job for programming, let’s get them a crash course, six months in the basics of programming and get that workforce up. We have a shortage of real good programmers because majority of them that go to San Francisco or Israel or even now Russia, Russia is paying for a lot  of them to go over, which I don’t blame them, you guys are getting paid, these guys are getting paid like minimum like 120 K salary plus shares, so all the power to them.


But here in Canada, we need a better job force, or bigger coder job force, we need more coders over here so this is a great opportunity for private corporations and governments to team up together and create maybe like a small six-month crash course for these truckers.


Was another industry to be disrupted? Cashiers, I know a lot of people hate me on this, but I’m telling you right now, forget about hate, forget about what you like, it’s about reality, it’s about what’s happening today right now. Cashiers aree going to go bye-bye, see you later, so what do you do?


Well, you’re standing around already, you like customer service, you like helping people, there’s many other jobs out there, or other industries opening up. Hospitality is big, look at other hospitality items. Or maybe this is a great opportunity for you to say “Hey, I’m not really cut out to be a cashier, I’m   meant for so much more than just standing behind a desk and scanning items.”


I think human beings are worth so much more and human beings can do so much  more than take an item and go tic tic “Do you want your receipt with that?” No, that’s the perfect job for a robot and instead we’ve got to figure out what your gift is, what your talent is and like I said, I think it’s a fiduciary responsibility of some corporations are some municipal governments. Forget federal, I believe in more or less your municipality, your local MPs, your local area helping you out as opposed to asking for the federal even provincial.


So it’s a scary fact, a  lot of people to take in, that 60% of the job force will disappear within the next decade or so. But I think it’s fantastic, this is evolution, there’s no such thing as bad evolution or good evolution, I personally believe this is great, I believe the quality of living is increasing, people are living longer, there is less war out there. The means of  communication  for information is the blink of a button, or blink of an eye or touch of a button, it’s right there, I’m on Snap Chat,o boom, I am on Yahoo news, boom. I want to talk to some people in China, boom I am right there.


So the actual transfer of knowledge and  information  is so rapid, connecting the whole world together. And the possibilities of doing business, like for example me, 99% of my business is online, all the businesses I have is online, whether that is the  membership sites that I have, or that is the software that I have, whether that is all these other different businesses I have, it’s 100% online.


That being said, this opens up possibilities.  If you’re looking at trends in 2017, they’re predicting two trillion dollars in sales in e-commerce, e-commerce alone. Probably Sass, Sass must be up there in the ten trillion dollar area for Sass, the software as a service globally both B to B and B to C.


So the possibilities are here but it’s up to you to carve your future, it’s up to you to push forward to become educated, not being educated, but to become educated, know everything, become a connoisseur of and life. Don’t sit back and pretend everything is going to be okay, being passive is the definition of dying a slow death.


You sit back and expect your government, I’m not against government, I love government, I believe we give too much power  to government, because if you look at the word government, government literally means the power of the people, we give the government the power as a democratic society and as our voting dollar and/our voting rights.


So it’s up to us as a collective,  as a government to strengthen the bonds of what’s happening in society today as opposed to being passive, “Who cares, it’s just politics?”, You better know your politics, you better know what’s happening, you better  know everything that’s going on.


There is that saying, if you walk into a room I don’t know who the schmuck   is, guess what, you are the schmuck.


So get to it, educate yourself, learn about the trends, learn about robotics, learn about genomics, learn about programming, learn about securities, learn about everything, everything to do with online and too, I think it was, by 2020, not too long from now, four years, five years, they’re saying  another billion people will be plugged in online.


I’m doubling  down  my businesses in China and India and South Africa, these are emerging marketplaces around the world.


I give you an example, in Kenya, they have $100 million marketplace for buying and selling cell phone minutes. They can buy bread with cell phone minutes, they can buy bus tickets with cell phone minutes they can buy anything, it’s a currency. What is currency? Trust.


Great market opportunity, in fact if you want to study a great African who kinda revolutionized the telecom industry, study Mo Ibrahim.  He sold his company, it was a Saudi company but study Mo Ibrahim, he pretty much brought the telecom industry to Africa and he’s doing amazing philanthropy work right now.


But once again, Mo saw the trends, more educated himself, Mo took a risk and Mo put everything on the line to better himself and better his fellow men in Africa.


So what are you doing today to better yourself? What are you doing today to educate yourself? Now being educated once again, educate yourself; an educated individual is not an educated individual, two different things.


So that’s it, I just want to quickly talk about this whole job force thing because I believe we are going to see some crazy disruptions in the future right now coming and a lot of people won’t be ready for it.


And I didn’t even mention VR, that’s a whole different video, I’ll gets to VR in a next video, I believe that’s an exciting industry, it’s going to be a monster industry. But, there’s also the dark side to that.


All right guys, I want to hear your comments and opinions about the job force, about being educated and about bettering yourself. Leave a comment below this video.




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