5 Highly Effective Email Marketing Strategies: Ultimate Guide

What If I told you, you could double, maybe even triple your revenue with effective email marketing strategies.

Do I have your attention now?

As more and more companies start attempting to jump into the digital marketing space.

More and more of them will Fail. Why you ask?

Because: The old model  is broken.

The days are gone where you can simply send traffic to your site and expect INSTANT sells.

The consumers, the audience. Your brothers and sisters are much wiser than ever before.

They can smell a sales page, a mile away.

And you know what? They hate that sales!

And who’s to blame them 🙂


People don’t like to be sold-but they love to buy. ~ Giffeot Gitomer

The Old Model

I would say about 90% of companies still use this old model

Step #1

Drive traffic from outsides platforms

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google


Step #2

Cold Traffic lands on sales page.

And your Brand “hopes” that the cold leads some how convert into clients.

Do you already see the problem? Hope is the problem? Ouch!

Listen…This might hurt to hear, but no one cares about your product or service, yet!

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Step #3

You pray to the traffic and conversions gods that somehow your leads will buy your product,

And you jump up and down if you get 1% conversion rate.

1% is this a joke? I would feel ashamed if my goal was 1%

Do you think Uber and Tesla aim for 1%?


Demand for the Model 3 was so great that Tesla’s $1000 pre-sales downpayment brought the company $276 million in its first weekend. That’s bigger than the mere $248 million in sales brought in by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in its opening weekend!


Uber and Tesla understand the Trust curve and they use it to their full potential

The old model is broken. It doesn’t work anymore and THANK GOD!

Because, this model does not respect your clients and does not foster a trust economy

So what are you suppose to do?

Enter: the email marketing strategies trust funnel

I have been using this email funnel and variation of it with my clients and the results speak volumes.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing 250k revenue or 50 million revenue you can apply this in your business today.

With each post, I want you to walk away with a strategic and tactical blueprint you can literally plug and play into your business.

Now on with the show

5 Highly Effective Email Marketing Strategies: Ultimate Guide


To save you the time and confusion, I want to address the color code in the funnel:

The three main colors I want you to understand is:


GREEN: Lead has Opted in to your list. Or lead has clicked open the email in 24 hours

Red: Lead has NOT opted in: Lead has Not opened the email in 24 hours

Yellow: Different Subject line. Same email sent 24 hours after original email was not opened

We are going to break this funnel down into two parts.

Part 1: The overview (Strategy and understanding)

Part 2: Tactics: How to (Software)

The Overview

The premise behind the Trust funnel is as you guessed it…. TRUST.

How can you as an entrepreneur earn and forge a relationship with your lead?

I will go through each step so you can understand it.


Step 1: Pillar Post

What is it?

Pillar posts are evergreen, insightful content that has the potential to get tons of traffic and backlinks. They are timeless. Normally these pillar posts have a word count of 2000 words.

The point of the pillar post is to INCREASE the trust relationship with your lead.

The pillar post is meant to make your brand “THE” authority in your industry.

Here are two scenarios

Scenario #1

The Lead arrives to your site. Reads a 400 word article.

No emotional impact (emotions impact = memory)

Scenario #2

The lead arrives to your site and reads a 5000 word, epic pillar post, which solves all their problems and they are blown away!


Emotional imprint: Emotion = feeling = memory = Trust.


Remember, your job with the pillar post is to STUN your leads.

Here are some great examples of pillar posts you can use.

Remember: Pillar posts take time to create usually 20 hours or so. But it’s well worth.


How To Structure your Pillar Post


If you are looking at the flowchart about you can see the pillar post leads to a Lead-magnet. But this is no ordinary leadmagent. This my friend is a content upgrade.

What is a content upgrade?

The content upgrade is a complementary piece of information for you leads / clients

Let’s use this pillar post as an example.

You have read this far and thank you, so how can I, as a Brand increase your trust with me?

How about, I give you my entire Trust funnel.

Click below to the entire plug and play Trust Funnel. You can literally plug and play this into your CRM-system Now.

It is generally offered towards the end of the pillar post, but I recommend you sprinkle the content upgrade throughout your Pillarpost. (You can also consider Content upgrades as a CTA)


content marketing machineBrian Backlinko several popular bloggers like Brian Dean definitely adopted the tactic.

This process was actually invented by Clay Collins over at Leadpage swho was offering free landing page templates in each of his posts to grow his mailing list.

The content Upgrade is so successful with the clients I work with it. That I make it mandatory for them to have it. I have seen Optin rates as high as 80% for this.

Can you imagine if your business started doing this today?

How more leads per day would you have? How many more sales?

It’s sexy isn’t it.  It’s TRUST, baby!

E-Mail Marketing (Trust Marketing)

Emails are so easy to send, but they’re also easy to ignore. With more than 120 messages landing in the average office worker’s inbox each day, making sure yours gets read and gets a response can be tricky.

Assuming your lead has opted in for your content upgrade. Your lead will now be getting his/her first email from your Brand.

Side Note: I have purposely not spoken about the Blue Dots (Facebook Re-targeted ads) As this gets a bit more complicated

Staring your automated E-Mail Funnel

Thank You Email: Blow Them Away!

Your Lead has Opted in and is anticipating his or her “Gift” you promised. Hence, there anticipation is at their highest! And as an entrepreneur, you can easily take advantage of this dynamic by including highly customized calls-to-action in your thank-you emails to leverage the fact that the lead is fresh and already actively engaged with your brand.

Thank-you emails are effective for two main reasons: They place your content directly in the contact’s inbox. So even if he or she clicks away from the thank-you page they’re redirected to after completing your conversion form, they can still search their inbox and find the information they need to redeem the offer, such as the ebook download link, webinar login information, etc.

People will often share your content by forwarding it via email, so thank-you emails give you yet another opportunity to extend the reach of your content to a brand new audience.

An example of a simple thank-you email From Hubspot

What to include in a thank you email depends on what you want to communicate

But here are a few ideas:.

  • Actually say thank you! The word ‘thank’ performs well in subject lines, achieving an open rate of 52.57% above average and a click rate of 27.44% above average.


  • Include social media sharing links and encourage people to discuss or review their purchases.

A Breif Note On Subject Line

Check this out: Neil Patel, content marketer and founder of CrazyEgg, crunched some Experian data and created this incredible graph:


In other words, of everything listed above, spend most of your time focused on your subject line.


Stage 1 – Indoctrination Emails

Get to Know Me Email” Send 24 hours after The Thank you email is opened

Indoctrinate – Teach them who you are

This is your chance to tell your potential client who you are and what your company stands for.

Before you open a new Word document take a second and answer these questions:

  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • What can readers expect from you?
  • How often will they hear from you?
  • Why are you different and what do you stand for?
  • What is the goal of these emails?


Look over your list of values and expectations.

With your answers, you’ll be able to tell you what you want to convey and how you want to say it. As far as length goes, that’s up to you. By the time your leads have finished reading the Indoctrination email they should have a great idea of who you are and what you stand for.

They should start to feel the trust building and nodding their head saying…

“This my kind of brand”

Include a list of benefits along with your company values.

Don’t be afraid to get personal.

Need a few ideas?

  • Include a photo of your team together
  • Highlight an accomplishment
  • Tell a life changing story


Trunk Club is a clothing business that assigns men a personal stylist and ships clothing to you based on your personal taste.

The Trunk Club model is a bit hard to understand at first and Trunk Club knows that.

They got me to opt-in to a contest offer and hit me with this indoctrination email that teaches new leads about the business…

They got me to opt-in to a contest offer, and hit me with this indoctrination email that teaches new leads about the business…

Email #2

“A Story Email”

Tell a story — either our own or a client’s. Stories create a “relatable bridge” between you and your lead.

Look into your database of clients and find a powerful case study story you can share with your lead.


Humans connect through stories. It’s how we communicate

Not by numbers. But by emotion.

Another way to think about the story structure is with the acronym


Check Out Andre Chaperon: Fantastic Resource for copyrighting



Your introduction should attract the attention of your reader, raise their interest, and spark their desire for more. Your climax should encourage people to take action, to click or to sign up.

Thinking about your email in the structure of a story will help you figure out how its pieces fit together.

Here’s a useful exercise:

Think of a subject line as your introduction. You want to draw people in, build up to the climax, and be clear from the start. Make the climax the goal of your email, and have the conclusion reinforce that goal.

Where your climax lies depends on the kind of email you’re sending. Some newsletters share the entire full-length post in the body of the email. While there are plenty of benefits to this approach, it does have some drawbacks. Blog posts address those drawbacks, which is why (even with a few complaints) we realized we can create a better experience overall if we send an email update to you.

5 Highly Effective Email Marketing Strategies: Ultimate Guide


John over at the mcmethod.com has an interesting format you can use if the AIDA is not your cup of tea 


The H.I.P.S. Framework

Step 1 – Hook

First, get their attention with a subject line that promises to give them something in the email.

Tease them. Get them hooked.

Step 2 – Interest

Second, you have to get them interested. Otherwise, why would they read the rest of your email?

Step 3 – Parable

Third, tell a story or just bumble on about something interesting. This sounds hard, but is actually quite easy. Imagine you’re in a bar and you’re sitting next to a prospect, having a drink. You’ve got something on your mind re. His problem. You say, “You’re never gonna believe what happened the other day…”. The prospect then has to know what you’re about to say.

Step 4 – Slide

Fourth, slide naturally into the pitch.

Action Steps: Use the Frameworks to write a story to develop connection a deep in the emotional limbic area of the brain. (Stories connect)

Email #3 “Wow – Surprise Gift”

In this email its all about the WOW experience

Remember…what I said before. Marketing is dead.

It’s all about “Trust – permission marketing”

Just like a first date. You want to make her feel special like she is the only one



Here’s What to do

  • Invite them to a private company group (We use slack and Facebook Groups)
  • Give them a Free sample of your product no strings attached
  • Give them a Free course


The whole point of the email is to make your leads feel special. You want to invoke a serotonin response to happiness (Just like a drug)

Remember: People remember feelings. They don’t remember  numbers

One of the BEST in the game is… Lady Gaga.

Yes! I said Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s Secrets” for Creating a Successful Online Community


I- Keep It Closed: the more public the forum is, the more people tend to keep quiet. So, if you want members of an online community to open up on a personal level, it’s important to make them feel they are in a safe place and amongst other people with the same interests and codes. Michelsen suggests that, unless at the beginning, communities should be kept private, or at least require an invitation.

II- Start small: If the community is closed, there’s even more reason you should start small. If possible, make people have to wait to join. This sense of scarcity creates an effect of exclusivity that makes users who want in or who want to retain their place, work overtime to get in or remain where they are.

You don’t want an unruly environment, but rather a community focused on a single purpose, where people are constantly motivated to build a united and cohesive community. In addition, when you start with something small, it’s easier to moderate the discussions, and more importantly, define its identity and culture.

III- Reward the faithful: all this requires a lot of commitment and work, which eventually should result in a multilevel experience where leaders and advocates get some sort of benefits and special treatment. This allows the community to identify and reward the most valuable contributors, and challenge and seduce the rest of the participants to reach their level. This type of interaction is invaluable because on other social networks, due to their nature, don’t allow for it.

Action Steps: Your leads are like a first date.

Treat her right. Make her feel like a princess.  Build TRUST!

Email #4 Show Me The Proof “Social Proof”

The Trojan 

Studies show that 70% of consumers say they look at product reviews before making a purchase, and product reviews are 12x more trusted than product descriptions from manufacturers.

Product reviews are just one example of social proof. However, these statistics do give us insight into the value of social proof when it comes to marketing.


Social proof is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.

Thanks to social media, social proof has gained steam over the past couple of years, but in truth it’s been around for a while in marketing.

Here’s an example:

Priceline.com was one of the first web startups to use a celebrity endorser back in 1997. William Shatner is not a travel expert or travel industry influencers, but he has an overall likeable image. It seems genuine when he tries to save consumers money.

The partnership has been a huge success for Priceline, which now has a $60 billion market cap. The fee that Shatner took in shares is estimated to be worth more than $600 million.

Petflow’s Social Proof Email

Petflow is an online pet retailer that did $30 million in sales in 2012. They have over one million fans on Facebook which has become a huge source of revenue for them.

Consumer reviews are now the second most trusted forms of advertising and in 2012 52 percent of consumers were influenced by online reviews.

In real terms this means that a one star increase on a Yelp review corresponds to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue.


Adding social proof elements to your emails can be an effective way to boost trust and demonstrate that people are buying (and liking) your products.

Word-of-mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchases, while 63 percent of online customers say they’re more likely to buy on sites with positive reviews.


If you don’t sell products, but sell Services. Case studies are the best to use.

With case studies you can take that word-of-mouth and give it a further reach than your customer’s network, which in 2010 was estimated to be 1,375 people.

Everyone knows that a happy customer is a marketing tool in itself, but very often this idea is confined to the word-of-mouth business they could generate.

A case study or two can give your potential customers a genuine glowing review to base decisions on – taking one happy customer’s review and magnifying the effect, directing it towards your pool of potential customers.

Petflow is an online pet retailer that did $30 million in sales in 2012. Yes 30 million. Not too shabby!

Email #5 Something is coming!


Scientific experiments show that most people anticipate future positive events, as opposed to future negative events. In the absence of anxious/depressive psychological disorders, people automatically anticipate happiness more than they do with sadness.

Here’s how anticipation works in a nutshell:

The mind draws from past experiences to both predict and prepare for future events.

Psychological research indicates that this phenomenon, known as “perceptual anticipation,” is caused by several types of stimuli:

  • Stimuli that give us knowledge of results about past performance
  • Stimuli that convey instruction about future tasks
  • Stimuli that correlate present tasks with the outcome of previous tasks


In short, past performance, future tasks and the comparison of the two form the landscape of perceptual anticipation that affects our behavior and response.

Hyper-targeted emails will become the norm


Daniel Codella

Daniel Codella – ZURB

People are looking for unique and personalized experiences every time they interact with their favorite brands. As your user base grows, this becomes extremely difficult. Managing thousands or even millions of email conversations is simply too difficult for teams, even big ones to manage.

Fortunately, email automation allows you to craft and send personal, yet automated messages to your customers based on their behavior. This ensures your message is relevant, timely and engaging.

In 2016, I think we’ll continue to see email automation tools become even more useful, offering email marketers more ways to creatively use them. We can expect to see more integration with apps and products, allowing marketers to send emails based on not only in-app behavior but other interactions.

We’ll also see an ever expanding list of triggers, allowing us to send targeted messages based on all sorts of details, completely customized to the individual user, and giving greater context to our messages.


Example: Create that special feeling.

Use words and phrases like “exclusive,” “VIP” “Limited spots” “by invitation only” and “limited edition” to make your reader feel extra-special. Or enclose a certificate of nomination or membership card. All create anticipation by suggesting your recipient is about to have a unique experience unavailable to the general public

Let’s use the KING himself to help you

Apple sold 2 million iPhone 5’s on day one, and then a couple of days later the stock hit the stratospheric price of $700 a share. So you could say they’re doing something right.

Many companies go to great lengths to preserve confidentiality during the product development phase, but Apple is a master of the teaser marketing campaign, dragging on the suspense for as long as possible. For weeks if not months before the release of every iPhone, the media conversation has been building to deafening levels.

For example, Apple announced a press conference for September 12, 2012, but didn’t say what the press announcement was about. In essence, Apple created a cliffhanger as the media and bloggers speculated,”What could it be—the new iPhone 5 or something else?

All the bottom-up speculation in the media and blogosphere generated phenomenal consumer interest—for free. Only after weeks of free buzz did Apple launch a paid media campaign to keep the momentum going.

Action Step: Build  Anticipation In This Email. And Start focusing on Building A Tribe! 

Email #6 VSL

“The Big Event”

First, let’s address what a VSL is?

The video sales letter—or VSL for short—presents the same information you would have typed out in your sales letter (Long Form Sales Page) but in a new, more engaging format…

They do a few great things better than “normal” sales letters… like

  1. Get your message across better than text or audio.
  2. Educate your target audience more visually.
  3. Build trust and a connection with potential customers
  4. Convert better than “normal” sales letters.

Industry experts on VSLs such Jon Benson – 3X Marketing VSL Maker have shed light on the benefits of this single video. Do check out their pieces which taught me valuable lessons on improving our VSLs!

If you haven’t noticed, there is a pattern in all of these Video Sales Letters.

This framework has been used for our top selling products and have been a sure-fire way to convert those numbers for us.

Let me first explain the psychology behind this – the best way for a human mind to learn is by engaging in more senses.

The beauty of VSLs is that it includes sight and sound. It also keeps the viewer engaged depending on the speed of the slide transitions of the video.

The point of this is – YOU control the concentration and retention of the viewer.

The email is to get your Lead from the email onto your VSL.

Remember…This email was anticipated from your lead. Because of email 5.

Your lead is waiting for the BIG EVENT.

What are your Goals in this email?

To PREFRAME your products and services and to get your leads to click the link inside of the email towards the VSL page.

I would recommend you use Robert Cialdini’s principles of infleunce in the email

Here is a great example from Pat Flynn. You can use it pretty much for anything.


5 Highly Effective Email Marketing Strategies: Ultimate Guide

Subject Line: It’s finally happening!


The above is Genius in Pat’s case, because he uses this…as a segmentation triggers.

However, you can use this a customizable VSL Trigger.

Think about this.

1. A VSL just for leads with no business yet
2. A custom VSL for Leads with 500 per month
3. Custom VSL for leads for 500+ month

Think of the trust value you can get, if you are talking to your leads at their level.

Action Steps:

  • Use Attention grabbing Subject line
  • Use Robert Robert Cialdini’s Priciples
  • Use Action words
  • Segment if you can


    • Resources needed: Tools and Human resources
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Ontraport
    • Gotowebinar
    • Webinarjam
    • Adroll


Thank you so much for reading….


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