5 Steps to book yourself solid in 90 days

5 Steps to book yourself solid in 90 days
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Do you find yourself banging the desk and saying “Why aren’t I getting any clients?”

Do you find it hard to make money as a coach?

Do you just want to give up as a Coach?

Now, let me ask you this… Are you finally ready to learn how to get paid for what you are worth?

Over the last couple of years I have been able to grow my coaching business well over 6 figures and transforms the lives of many. That is what counts!
I have done this with:

No special gimmick
No marketing trick
No next latest trend

I was able to grow my coaching business with the golden rule:

RESULTS and delivering value!
Businessmen and coaches are shocked when explain to them my business model.

I am about to show you exactly how I get a client, and how I can charge anywhere from $250 – $600 an hour!

The Formula: How to book yourself solid in 90 days

Value (Specific Content) x (Lead Magnet) x (More Value) X (Human element) = Success

Step #1 Value content

Why should I pay you as a coach?
What makes me think you are the person for me?

This is the biggest issue I see with most coaches today.

They think just because they are coaches, people will pay them


Remember the movie. The field of dreams: “If you build it, they will come.”

Well, that’s complete bullshit.

The only way thing people care about is how you can help them.

They don’t care about your degree or the letters behind your name.

They just care about “how can you make them better and feel AWESOME”

…With this in mind, let’s jump into the first part of formula.

Specific value:
Writing, talking, podcasting and making videos about your specific knowledge.

First step in in growing your coaching business is…you guessed it: Solving problems!

They asked Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal: “How do you create products/services?”

Peter answers: “Solve Problems”

Now ask yourself…

What kind of problems do my clients/customers have?
This is where target specific coaching comes in.
You can’t be a coach to everyone.

Bruce Lee once said…

“I do not fear man who has practiced 10,000 kicks.

I fear a man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”

You MUST specialize. Pick a niche and work with group of people.

Example: Athletes

What problems could athletes have?

Strength gain?
Mental performance?

Honestly, the best and easiest way to find this info is to call them.

Forget going to all those bullshit forums, hunting for info. Get it straight from the source, nice and easy.

Example for athletes:

It’s hard to get access to pro-athletes but semi-pro…super easy.

Call your local university or college and talk to the coaches of the team.

Tell them that you are creating a service and product that will increase their athlete’s performance and all you request is 30 min of their time.

Once you’ve got your problems/questions, it is your job to solve them

This is where you write articles, videos, or podcasts — You guessed it! Solve their problems.

There is a formula to solving problems too.

P x A x S = Happy client

P = Problem

In the first three sentences or even in the headline you should state the problem.

Example, again athletes:

“Is your recovery no good, do you find that you have to take off three days and are losing out on your progress to win a gold metal?”

This is a HUGE pain point… trust me, athletes want that GOLD MEDAL.

It’s an incentive, something that they work for.

You can find this one thing for everybody… no matter who they are.

Next come A = Agitation

Describe in detail the problem. “Create a story of the problem”


“You wake up each day with a new pain on your body. Your workouts are getting slower and slower.
And as each day goes by, you start asking yourself…Is this really for me. Can I keep going on?”

S = Solution

Finally…you come in with the solution.

This is where you solve their problems.

Whatever it is. You’re solving it step-by-step


Supplements to recommend
Diets to recommend
Good Recovery program

Step Two: Lead Magnet

I won’t go into too much details what a lead magnet is.

Bryan, at video fruit, has done some AMAZING research and written some incredible articles about it. Click Here

You just created the solution you are offering. Now what?

Well, if your client has read or watched the whole video, “they like you”

You now must direct them with a CTA.

A “Call to Action”, pushing them towards your leadmagnet.

In my previous coaching business I used to offer a couple things:

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