5 Steps to Book Yourself Solid in 90 Days

Do you find yourself banging the desk and saying “Why aren’t I getting any clients?”

Do you find it hard to make money as a coach?

Do you just want to give up as a Coach?

Now, let me ask you this… Are you finally ready to learn how to get paid for what you are worth?

Over the last couple of years I have been able to grow my coaching business well over 6 figures and transforms the lives of many.

That is what counts! I have done this with:

  • No special gimmick
  • No marketing trick
  • No next latest trend


I was able to grow my coaching business with the golden rule:

RESULTS and delivering value!

Businessmen and coaches are shocked when explain to them my business model.

I am about to show you exactly how I get a clients and how I can charge anywhere from $250 – $600 an hour!


What is the difference between a 25$/hr coach and a $500/hr ?


The $25 coach has no belief in herself.

She lacks confidence. And this shows. Lack of confidence attracts lack of clients.

Who wants a coach that doesn’t have faith in themselves?

I don’t! On the flip side

The $500 coach has an abundance mindset and is FULL of confidence

His confidence attracts better quality clients.

Remember like-minded people, attract each other.


I have seen coaches, overnight triple their business with this mindset shift.

The Formula goes like this…

Confidence + Results = Reward (Money)


If you could increase your confidence and results, 1% per week.

Where would you be in one year?

What would you be making

  • 100k?
  • 200k?
  • 500k?


Sky is the limit.

It’s all on you.

It has nothing to do with marketing and tactics.

But faith and belief in yourself.


The Formula: How to book yourself solid in 90 days

Value (Specific Content) x (Lead Magnet) x (More Value) X (Human element) = Success


Step #1 Value content


  • Why should I pay you as a coach?
  • What makes me think you are the person for me?


This is the biggest issue I see with most coaches today.

They think just because they are coaches, people will pay them


Remember the movie. The field of dreams: “If you build it, they will come.”

Well, that’s complete bullshit.

The only way thing people care about is how you can help them.

They don’t care about your degree or the letters behind your name.

They just care about “how can you make them better and feel AWESOME”

…With this in mind, let’s jump into the first part of formula.

Specific value:
Writing, talking, podcasting and making videos about your specific knowledge.


First step in in growing your coaching business is…you guessed it: Solving problems!


They asked Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal: “How do you create products/services?”

Peter answers: “Solve Problems”


Now ask yourself…

  • What kind of problems do my clients/customers have?
  • This is where target specific coaching comes in.
  • You can’t be a coach to everyone.


Bruce Lee once said…

 “I do not fear man who has practiced 10,000 kicks.

I fear a man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”

images (16)



You MUST specialize. Pick a niche and work with a group of people.

Example: Athletes

What problems could athletes have?


Honestly, the best and easiest way to find this info is to call them.

Forget going to all those bullshit forums, hunting for info. Get it straight from the source, nice and easy.


Example for athletes:

It’s hard to get access to pro-athletes, but semi-pro…super easy.

Call your local university or college and talk to the coaches of the team.

Tell them that you are creating a service and product that will increase their athlete’s performance and all you request is 30 min of their time.

Once you’ve got your problems/questions, it is your job to solve them

This is where you write articles, videos, or podcasts — You guessed it! Solve their problems.

Steps to Get High Paying Clients

    1. I would first make a presentation about a certain topic. Say you are a coach and you are dealing with athletes and maybe you are dealing with specific athletes such as basketball players, what are some talks or workshop that you can do for those athletes? Jumping higher, recovering faster, proper supplementation, proper diets and make at least three workshops or talks based on those certain categories.


  1. The second step is this. Find out every single venue possible in your local city to speak at. They are always looking for people, they need speakers such as you, because YOU bring in more people for their store


3 Steps to Get High Paying Clients for Your Coaching Program


For example: I would make a list of at least 15 to 20 health food stores.

I would contact them and say…

“Hey, I would like to do a talk on X, Y, and Z, for example this case recovery or supplementation for basketball players.”


Where can you speak?

I would go to your local YMCA, I would book our your local library and these things are free. Everything I mentioned is free, it’s costing you nothing and finally I would book off any local gyms and make a deal with them.

“Hey, I would love to have this free workshop at your facility. I will take care of the marketing, I will push it towards the community, I will make flyers, in return all I ask is can you share this with your members”

Book yourself solid  Challenge! 

I want you to at least have one to two workshops a week.

The workshops can range from half an hour up to two hours. I don’t recommend three hours, people don’t know who you are, they may not have the patience with you.

Now, this is the key to getting your clients

When they show up to your talk, sometimes five, maybe 20 — what do you do from here?

At the end of your workshop, you set up a free consultation. You tell them…

“Hey, if you really like this workshop, and  you liked the information, I’m offering you a free complimentary 15 minutes or an hour – even up to an hour consultation where I’m going to sit down with you personally, one-on-one and I’m going to solve your problems.”


Plus, this is a little second trick that I do, if you know anyone else who would also like this amazing offer, please give me their name, email and number.


So right now, what you’re doing is two things; you’re setting up a warm lead – so a person who went to your workshop, he has seen the amazing information you have, now you’re closing him with free consultation plus he or she is now hooking up with two other potential warm leads. Think about this if you did this twice a week and maybe you had 3 to 4 consultations after the workshop.

I guarantee you, you will be able to get 4-5 clients a month


There is a formula for solving problems too.


P x A x S = Happy client

Slide1P = Problem
In the first three sentences or even in the headline you should state the problem.

Example, again athletes:


“Is your recovery no good, do you find that you have to take off three days and are losing out on your progress to win a gold metal?”


This is a HUGE pain point… trust me, athletes want that GOLD MEDAL.

It’s an incentive, something that they work for.

You can find this one thing for everybody… no matter who they are.


Next come A = Agitation

Describe in detail the problem. “Create a story of the problem”


“You wake up each day with a new pain in your body. Your workouts are getting slower and slower, as each day goes by, you start asking yourself…is this really for me. Can I keep going on?”

S = Solution

Finally…you come in with the solution.

This is where you solve their problems.

Whatever it is. You’re solving it step-by-step


  • Supplements to recommend
  • Diets to recommend
  • Good Recovery program


Step Two: Lead Magnet


I won’t go into too much detail what a lead magnet is.

Bryan, at video fruit, has done some AMAZING research and written some incredible articles about it. Click Here


You just created the solution you are offering. Now what?


Well, if your client has read or watched the whole video, “they like you”

You now must direct them with a CTA.

A “Call to Action”, pushing them towards your leadmagnet.

In my previous coaching business I used to offer a couple things:

  • Sleep Hacks
  • 1 page PDF with tips for the athlete
  • Free course for optimizing your health


Here is an example I use now.

I would place this at the top and bottom of my article or with videos, verbal say it at the end.

I try to use it on most of my articles, but not all.


Setting up your leadmagnet

To set up your lead magnet. You can use many different programs. At the moment I use two simple ones:

#1 Aweber. It’s easy and cheap for beginning.

#2 Lead Pages. Every single business I have is run on lead pages.


Clay Collins, founder and his team have made, in my humble opinion, the single best piece of software for any kind of coach. It has saved me thousand upon thousands of dollars! You should check this article they did about lead magnets:



Okay, now your potential client has opted in to your CTA. What’s next?

M= More Value

This is where your email service system comes in. It’s time to add shock value!

(Insert step by step process picture)

Tony Robbins said it the best:

“The more value you give, the more you can earn.”

“Your new client, the athlete” is now expecting to receive your lead magnet.

This is where you SURPRISE them with more information and value.




Your potential new client has just received their first email from you.

It has your lead magnet, but WAIT!

It has something even more…


Holy crap! A free checklist for the BEST athletic training books ever!

It is these small things that matter. The more you GIVE the more GET.

Don’t believe me?

Read Adam Grant’s book: “Give and Take”. I consider it one of my top 20 books.


Book list coming soon!

“ Consider a landmark meta-analysis led by Nathan Podsakoff, of the University of Arizona. His team examined 38 studies of organizational behavior, representing more than 3,500 business units and many different industries, and found that the link between employee giving and desirable business outcomes was surprisingly robust. Higher rates of giving were predictive of higher unit profitability, productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, along with lower costs and turnover rates. When employees act like givers, they facilitate efficient problem solving and coordination and build cohesive, supportive cultures that appeal to customers, suppliers, and top talent alike.


But even as leaders recognize the importance of generous behavior and call for more of it, workers receive mixed messages about the advisability of acting in the interests of others. As the Cornell economist Robert Frank observes, many employees are subject to organizational reward systems that feel zero-sum: In promotion decisions, only one person advances, while the rest are left behind. In forced-ranking performance evaluations, for every employee who earns a five, another must be given a one. In competitive bonus pools, more money to stars means less for the rest. These situations pit employees against one another, encouraging them to undercut rather than support their colleagues’ efforts. Even without a dog-eat-dog scoring system, strict delineation of responsibilities and a focus on individual performance metrics can cause a “not my job” mentality to take hold.”


Step #3 Human element

How many times have you been on an email list that treats you as a robot?

Think about it… They treat you the same. They treat you like you are some commodity.

In the marketing world they call you the “List”

I HATE — let me repeat — HATE the term list.

You’re not a fucking list. Pardon my French.

You’re Human being, my friend, my optimal health warrior.
And this where the human element comes in.

Let me bring you up to speed again.


Each email that you send should be real. I recommend once – twice a week. Why?


How often do you talk to your best friend? Exactly! A lot.


Let me ask you another question:

How do you talk to your friend?

Trick question. You speak and behave as friends.

This is the same thing you could be doing with your tribe, your friends all over the world

If you are a member of my weekly e-mail mastermind You already know that in my emails there are spelling errors and random life stories.


I am talking to you as I would talk to my best friend. It helps, you have to admit.

And this is what I mean about the human element.

There is a great saying: Theodore Roosevelt —

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

Sounds simple? It is!!!!

Final part…

You probably have one last question

“How do I actually get them to invest in my services or products?”

There are two approaches for booking yourself solid

#1 Proactive

At the end of each email, you tell them to fill out a survey (You can use Survey Monkey)

Tell them you are here, and ready to solve their problems.

After they fill out the survey, set up a phone call.

Funniest thing…

After speaking with over 100 coaches about getting clients, they all give me the same answer to this question…

“When is the last time you actually approached and called clients?”


Their response: “Um, I don’t know.”


New flash, JACK. No one is looking for you.

And this is why point #1 is crucial.

It’s time to get old school. Pick up the phone with your clients. Your business will transform overnight.

Daniel Pink, author of “To Sell is Human”.


I’ve been coaching (and selling) for…well, let’s just say a VERY long time now.


Listening – There’s an old saw that says “We were given 2 ears and 1 mouth to listen twice as much as we speak”. Pink underscores the importance of effective listening, but says many of us do not do it well

“For many of us, the opposite of talking isn’t listening. It’s waiting. When others speak, we typically divide our attention between what they’re saying now and what we’re going to say next – and end up doing a mediocre job at both.” (page 190) I believe it was Robin Sharma who said (and I might be paraphrasing here):

“Listen with the intention of understanding, not responding.”


#2 Soft sell. (Give value)


One of best friends Alex Ikonn co-founder of “Luxy Hair” is a perfect example of this.

Side note: If you haven’t heard of Alex, you should!

He is not just a friend of mine, but a great mentor as well. Check his episode out on London Real.

He has grown Luxy into a thriving global company with one simple mindset.


GIVE! Deliver epic value!

His wife Mimi, co-founder of Luxyhair, gives out 1-3 videos a week on YouTube
on how to make your hair beautiful.

These videos are high quality.

Trust me, I have seen the whole process. It’s insane!

But guess what! That’s how they are growing Luxy.

The Model is simple:

Video with amazing value = Solving problems (Hair) = Sales.

Simple isn’t it? It is!

Let’s Recap the formula

Value (Specific Content) X (Lead Magnet) x (More Value) X (Human element) = Success

It is really that simple.

I have grown my coaching practice well over six figures with this model and have helped countless people do the same.

It all goes back to your mindset.



Once you understand that life is about giving and helping your fellow brother and sister, your life, your future, your destiny will change!

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu


Leave a comment below on what you learned and how are you going to apply this?