8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity

Are you being super productive during the daytime?


One of the biggest challenges we all face as entrepreneurs is productivity. Even though everyone has the same amount of time there are some people that seem super humans, because they get a lot more accomplished in one day, no matter if they have more responsibilities and projects, they reach ALL their goals for the day.

 Are you being super productive during the daytime? 8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity


There are others, who think “where did I spend my time today, I feel I didn’t do anything really significant.” Always living under the promise that next day, they will be super productive and efficient. But that only happens on rare occasions.

It just feels amazing, when one of those lucky days you finish with a sensation of accomplishment and super productivity. Imagine this happening every day. It’s not about working longer or doing more, the key is working smarter. Once you apply these ultra productive hacks that successful entrepreneurs use, you will be able to start sleeping with peace of mind and see immediate results. 

Lost time is never found again. – Benjamin Franklin


 8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs


1. Stop doing the same thing twice

Effective leaders act immediately. To constantly revisit commitments and obligations, becomes overwhelming and is not effective for time management. As soon as there is a phone call to make or an email to write, take the action, delegate it or say no to the task rather than waiting or saving the task for later.

Always have a capture tool right next to you, where you can write everything that you committed yourself to do. Later spend time going through that list and taking the necessary actions to clear the task, delegate it or simply saying no. Mission Control offers a great approach to elevate performance and productivity.

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Are you being super productive during the daytime? 8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity

2. Start using a CRM

Productive people, use a CRM (Customer Relations Manager) where all activity done during the day is saved in the system for future reference. You no longer have to remember what was the last conversation with certain client. With this tool, you can save and classify tasks by priority, due date or person in charge and print daily reports that make your day extremely productive.

If you use the system constantly it will replace writing things down on random pieces of paper or sticky notes and then having to manually plan your day by those notes.

Before leaving your office or ending the day, print the report for the next day, it will take a few seconds, and it will make a huge difference in your productivity the next day. I personally recommend Zoho, if this is your first time using a CRM system.

Are you being super productive during the daytime? 8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity

Are you being super productive during the daytime? 8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity

3. The two killers you must watch out for

The two killers that will take your productivity away, and will bring procrastination to your day are boring tasks and urgent tasks.

8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity

If you can tackle the hardest and least appealing tasks first, you can enjoy and have fun through your day with the stuff that you like the most.

There is always urgent stuff that needs to get done, Gary Keller talks about: What’s the one thing I can do such that by doing it, everything will be easier or unnecessary? If you don’t focus on getting the one thing that is most urgent, days and weeks can go by, and the pressure keeps accumulating. If you want to be more productive, it is important that you can spot what are the most urgent tasks that will keep your momentum going.

Mornings are very important because that’s when your battery is recharged and you have more will power. A morning routine that works for you, can add a tasty touch of productivity to your day.


4. Cookie monster – Meeting monster

The same way cookie monster will take all the cookies on the plate; meeting monster can take all the time from your day. Productive people are always paying attention to the monster that comes and sits down in the meeting room.

A good way to shut the door and protect yourself from the monster, is to be clear that everyone is aware that the meeting will stick to the schedule created prior . Whenever the meeting goes of topic or of schedule you have to be brave and grab the sword to fight and bring everyone back to topic. You can use this 3 allies in your favor:

·      Harvest, a simple online time tracking software.

·      Get rid of coffee, donuts and cell phones from meetings.

·      Have clear goals ahead of time, and write down an agenda.

·      The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. —Michael Altshuler

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5. The power of no

It’s a short word with amazing power, productive people are not afraid to use it. Most of the time the responses we give to other people when they make a request or ask for something look something like this…

I don’t know, maybe or I’m not certain. This phrase comes from our mouth, and the first thing they produce is confusion. It will take time to follow up with them and give a definite answer to their requests. Or maybe by answering “maybe” you might be committing to something you are not even planning on doing and you will have to cancel anyway. Guess what, you are not being productive solving confusions that you could’ve avoided by simply saying no.

Jack Canfield asks an important question in his book “The Power of Focus” is what i’m doing right now helping me to achieve my goals?

He says “it takes practice. It also means saying NO a lot more.”

8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity

According to some research done at the University of California, the more difficult that you have to say no, it’s more likely you will experience stress, burnout and even depression.

Start getting used to saying no if you want to become a productivity master.


6. Check your email once a day

Productive people know that checking the phone for e-mails can become a big interruption.

They know that having a schedule to check emails is more productive. If you are scared of missing an important email during the day, you can use an app called IFTT where you place commands to receive email notifications only from your best customer for example.


It might be good to set an auto responder that lets senders know, by when will you be able to read the email.


Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose. —Thomas Edison

7. Multitasking is not helping

It’s common to hear someone proudly say, “I’m good at multitasking” in reality multitasking is actually lowering your productivity levels. Studies done by Harvard prove why our productivity levels go down by as much as 40%. When we are multitasking, we don’t actually multitask. The truth is that we can’t multitask, we just switch from one activity to another, interrupting ourselves every time we do it, and loosing time in the process.

 8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity

Two ways to stop multitasking

1. The best way to stop interruptions is to turn them off, in the case of your cell-phone, you can turn it off for the hours you need to concentrate.

2.   Use your lack of patience to your advantage, set shorter and unrealistic deadlines, you will see that your stress levels will make you work at your optimal performance.


 8 Secrets of successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to productivity

8. One of THE most powerful tools: delegating

Finally, highly productive people understand that they’re not the smartest and skilled persons in their organization. Start doing the things that you are good at, instead of taking time to do things that others might do faster. In order to do this, you must be able to trust them, if by any reason you can’t trust them, it would be important to start doing activities that can develop mutual respect, openness, understanding and empathy.

Start trusting others to do their jobs, so you can focus on your own.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”—Al Gore       

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