How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Ecommerce Business – Dan Demsky

In this episode, Dan Demsky gives a masterclass on how built Unbound Merino into a million-dollar brand. Dives in deep on his strategies of crowdfunding, timing the markets, focusing on a niche and why he doesn’t use Amazon.  


Dan Demsky

Dan Demsky has been a founder/partner in 3 businesses, all of which were bootstrapped without any outside investor funding, and all 3 surpassed $1MIL in revenue. His current business, Unbound Merino was started as a crowdfunding campaign and raised $380,000 in its first 2 months. It continues to grow today and in its 3rd year will do over $4MIL in revenue and sells in over 110 countries worldwide. He enjoys cheeseburgers and the band Phish. He has seen Phish live over 50 times.