How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide

How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide
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I will keep this short as humanely possible. You often hear “follow your passion and you will become successful.”

I once thought this to be true. But now I know this to be utter rubbish. Instead you should look at it a whole different way.

The standard belief formula is this: Passion + Hard work = Success.

Instead, the formula must work backwards and re-read like this:

S x M x A = How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide

Skills development x Micro wins x Autonomy = MASTERING YOUR Passion

I will go through each one in order to show you how you can discover your passion, or, I should say, how you could engineer your passion

In his latest book: “So good they can’t ignore you” (which I recommend you get! Click Here)

The author Cal Newport interviewed Steve Martin: Yeah, Steve Martin the Comedian

And this is what Steve said.

“Nobody ever takes any of my advice, because it’s not the answer they wanted to hear,“ Martin Said. What they want to hear is: “here’s how you get an agent”, or “here’s how you write a script….”


This takes me to the first step in the formula.

Skill Development.

See, you can have passion. I have a passion to create a new generation of free thinkers and thought leaders. But Passion alone won’t take me there. HELL NO!

It’s not like, all of a sudden I will gain the knowledge to do this

Instead, I must invest my time to learn the craft, develop my skills, even though the journey may be though!

The key thing is to force yourself through the work

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“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.”

Thomas A. Edison


I help Entrepreneurs to grow their online business into a six figure coaching system.

But when I asked them: “How long have they studied marketing?”, they all pause and say “never”.

And you wonder why your business is failing, or nobody is buying?

You must invest your time. Here is an example you can study, I will use this one as I am most familiar with it.

Passion + Health Coach + helping people = Income (delivering value)

For you to help people, they must know who you are and TRUST you.

How do you attain that?


DO ONE THING2 300×95 How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide

You must develop your skills as a salesman, create a name, you must become so good that they can’t ignore you.

I know. You are screaming at me right now.

“But Ameer, I am a coach why do I need to know that?”

Because you’re NOT a coach! You’re a MESSAGE! And your Message needs a medium to be heard.

And the only way that will happen is for you to master communicating your message around the world.

So YES! You need to Master marketing, communication and become a purple cow as Seth Godin states

People must know you are breathing lol

So, this is what you do.

Each day you spend one hour learning marketing. Books. Podcasts. Webinars

Here are some of my favorites resource:

James Altucher
Lewis Howes
Tim Ferriss

Once you learn a new skill you apply it ASAP. I mean: you must apply it right away, without hesitating.

Why do you ask?

This takes me to the second part of the formula

Micro Wins

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