How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide

I will keep this short as humanely possible. You often hear “follow your passion and you will become successful.”

I once thought this to be true. But now I know this to be utter rubbish. Instead you should look at it a whole different way.

The standard belief system is this:

Passion + Hard work = Success.

Instead, the formula must work backwards and re-read like this:

S x M x A = How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide

Skills development x Micro wins x Autonomy = MASTERING YOUR Passion

I will go through each one in order to show you how you can discover your passion, or, I should say…
how you could engineer your passion

In his latest book: “So good they can’t ignore you” (which I recommend you get! Click Here)

The author Cal Newport interviewed Steve Martin: Yeah, Steve Martin the Comedian   And this is what Steve said.


Nobody ever takes any of my advice, because it’s not the answer they wanted to hear,“ Martin Said. What they want to hear is: “here’s how you get an agent”, or “here’s how you write a script….”


This takes me to the first step in the formula.


Skill Development.


See, you can have passion. I have a passion to create a new generation of free thinkers and thought leaders.

But Passion alone won’t take me there. HELL NO!

It’s not like, all of a sudden I will gain the knowledge to do this.

Instead, I must invest my time to learn the craft, develop my skills, even though the journey may be though!


The key thing is to force yourself through the work

How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.”

Thomas A. Edison

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I help Entrepreneurs to grow their online business into a six figure coaching system.

But when I asked them: “How long have they studied marketing?”, they all pause and say “never”.

And you wonder why your business is failing, or nobody is buying? You must invest your time.

Here is an example you can study, I will use this one as I am most familiar with it.

Passion +  Coaching +  helping people =  Income (delivering value)

For you to help people, they must know who you are and TRUST you.


How do you attain that?  You MUST do -ONE THING-


You must develop your skills as a salesman, create a name, you must become so good that they can’t ignore you.

I know. You are screaming at me right now.

“But Ameer, I am a coach why do I need to know that?”


Because you’re NOT a coach! You’re a MESSAGE!

…And your Message needs a medium to be heard.

And the only way that will happen is for you to master communicating your message around the world.

So YES! You need to Master marketing, communication and become a purple cow as Seth Godin states.

People must know you are breathing lol So, this is what you do.

Each day you spend one hour learning marketing. Books. Podcasts.Webinars

Here are some of my favorites resource:


Once you learn a new skill you apply it ASAP.

I mean: you must apply it right away, without hesitating.

Why do you ask?   This takes me to the second part of the formula

Micro Wins

Let me show you. In his latest book, Little Bets, Peter Sims explains

(Highly recommend you read the book. Click here)

“Based on deep and extensive research, Sims discovered that productive, creative thinkers and doers — from Ludwig van Beethoven to Thomas Edison and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos — practice a set of simple but often counterintuitive experimental methods — such as failing to learn fast, trying imperfect ideas, and engaging in highly immersed observation — that free their minds and open them up to unexpected connections and help them perceive invaluable insights. These methods also unshackle them from the constraints of conventional planning, analytical thinking, and linear problem solving that our educational system overemphasizes at the expense of creativity”

  (Check out Sims’ video here. It is a MUST watch.)


How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide


This brings me to a full circle. Once you learn your new marketing skill as a coach, you apply it right away. And learn it FAST.

Be a versatilist

“A versatilist is someone who can easily adapt to new situations and quickly develop the skills necessary to excel. Being a versatilist essentially means being a smart learner who knows what to learn and how to quickly learn it.”


FAST is the KEY. You repeat this process until it starts compounding and growing.

In the end…the more you learn to sell yourself as a coach, the more people you will HELP.|

And the more PASSION you will create.

Never make up excuses, because excuses are lies confirming that you are not being true to your heart.

And don’t look for shortcuts in life either, because if you do, you are only fooling yourself.

Simplify your life, work toward your goals, show respect and be true to others and yourself.

There is only one ‘you’; reinvent the very best of ‘you’ every chance you get.

Do you see how this is working so far?

Okay moving along next step.

Environment + Autonomy

In order to master your passion, you have to master your environment and I repeat; you have to master your environment.

How To Find Your Passion: The No Bullshit Guide


These are the questions you need to ask yourself:

    • Is my company healthy for me?
    • Is my working space healthy for me?
    • Is my family healthy for me?
    • Are my friend’s healthy for me?


Cal Newport NAILS it the best: The Surprising Science of Human Motivation

“As Dan Pink recounts in the introduction to Drive, his new book about workplace motivation, our understanding of what compels people to action was upended in the late 1940s. Before this point, conventional wisdom said that we’re motivated by rewards (think B.F. Skinner and his rats). The more we are rewarded, the more fired up we get about our work. Then Harry Harlow, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, began giving puzzles to the rhesus monkeys in his primate laboratory.

He noticed a curious effect: when he rewarded the monkeys for solving the puzzle, they became slower at the task. Twenty years later, Edward Deci, then a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon, tested this effect in humans, and found a similar result: the presence of cash made them worse at solving creative puzzles.

This kicked off three decades of intense research into the sources of human motivation. Eventually, Deci, working with his longtime collaborator Richard Ryan, corralled the diversity of (sometimes contradictory) research on the topic into a single, overarching model called Self-Determination Theory (SDT).

This model has been extensively validated and summarizes, to the best of our current understanding, what can make someone love what they do. (See this 2000 paper by Ryan and Deci, from the journal Psychological Inquiry, for a good overview). At a high level, SDT makes a simple claim:

To be happy, your work must fulfill three universal psychological needs: autonomy, competence, and relatedness. For those who sweat this style of decision, this research should provide relief. There’s no reason to lose sleep over whether you’re “passionate” about your major, or if your job is what you really want to be doing with your life. Working right trumps finding the right work. It’s to this new goal, “working right,” that we turn our attention next…”


I won’t go to details about competence or relatedness, but let’s talk about Autonomy!


So did you answer those questions I gave you?

Now ask yourself does your environment, meaning — business, work, and family, give you autonomy?

    • Do they let you make your own choices?
    • Own rules?
    • Own outcome?


If the answer is “no”. Then get out of the kitchen. This is HUGE. There is no “ifs” or “butts” or any kind of excuses.

You know me. I HATE excuses. The more Autonomy you have. The closer you get to MASTERING your passion.

Remember your environment will also play a role in your micro wins.

Now, what if your environment doesn’t provide instant feedback?

Then no matter what you do, you will not improve upon anything.

Here are a few things that I do to get instant feedback, and it require only an internet connection:

I use Clarity.FM. I call it my ultimate mentor/feedback device.

You have access to the WORLDS BEST at any time for such an affordable price.

If you aren’t using it already, then you use it! This is a game changer, and they’re amazing. (Thank you Dan!)

BTW: wrote a fantastic article about the power of your friends. Click here 

Skills development + Micro wins + Autonomy  = “How To Find Your Passion”

Before I close this off. I will leave you with some of my favourites books to help you out:


Finally the How To Find Your Passion Exercise workbook

Download it below. Simple Road map I created to help you find and develop your skills to Master your passion

Congratulations. If you made it this far down the page.

This ain’t no easy feet, as most have ADD

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