How to focus better (science-backed tactics) – Rokham Fard

In this episode of #AmeerApproved I sit down with Rokham Fard to discuss his journey of entrepreneurship from building on “Canada’s 50 fastest growing tech startups” to all of the hard lessons he learned to form the experience.

Then we switch gears and get geeky and dive into psychology. How to use proven strategies and tactics to optimize your life. For example did you, Drinking peppermint tea may help improve your ability to concentrate and focus. … Summary Peppermint oil, found in peppermint tea, may help increase alertness and memory, which may improve concentratin

Guest: Rokham Fard

Serial entrepreneur. Previously, I co-founded and helped get it to be one of Canada’s 50 fastest growing tech startups, raised 10s of millions of dollars and got the team from zero to 160+ strong in 9 years.

Now, with, we’re on a journey to help knowledge-workers reach their peak mental performance, through our fully automated Cognition Coach.

Prior to TheRedPin, I worked with Canada’s largest academic research lab to help out with re-thinking and re-designing our education system. Before that, I was part of IBM’s market leader product, WebSphere Business Modeler, and was recognized as the employee of the year at the age of 21.

I have my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from University of Toronto and have professionally worked both at a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) as well as a software engineer capacity.

What I’m most passionate about is inventing tech products, building them out and help market them in effective ways.