How To Launch A Product Or Service If You Have No Budget Or No List.. Or Even No Product Yet!

How to Launch a New Product

No Budget? No List? No Problem!

How To Launch A Product Or Service If You Have No Budget Or No List.. Or Even No Product Yet!


A lot of my email asks the same question:


“What if you don’t have a list?”


Or the other all too frequently asked question:


“What if you don’t have any budget?”


Well, I have a question for you… what if you don’t even have a product or service… yet? That’s right. Too many people assume that their product or service is something everyone wants or needs. Well that’s not necessarily true and the right way to make money is to first of all find out what people want, need and are willing to pay money for. Then you supply whatever it is to meet that demand.


Sure, you can’t spend the next year of your life conducting market research to identify the most in demand product because by the time you identify it, someone else will be supplying it. But you can keep in mind that whatever it is you have to sell, someone will want to buy it. The trick is to get to those people and for that, you’ll need a list.


Everybody Has A List!


I’m not talking buying one of those lists from a company that makes their money selling them. This article is all about how to make things happen when you don’t have budget to blow on buying a list, right? Well the good news is that everybody has a list they can work already. In fact, as lists go, this one is one of the best because everyone on that list is known to you and you are known to them. What’s more, they trust you and we all know how vital trust is.


So who is on this list, exactly? In a nutshell, everyone you know. Every email address in your address book, all the followers and friends on Facebook and Twitter, everyone who has linked up with you on LinkedIn and every other social media platform you belong to. Family, friends, colleagues, people who have gotten to know you through forums and other common interest cyber places like online games. Anyone and everyone!


Make The List


Make the list. If you can’t get everyone’s email address, don’t sweat it. Just list them anyway and do the best you can. Don’t be embarrassed about listing everyone, even old Aunt Clara. Everyone needs things and everyone buys things and even old Aunt Clara is no exception. If what you are selling is not worth selling to family and friends… why are you selling it? If it is garbage, a rip off, a con, then don’t sell it because that is not what success is all about. Sell what you believe in, what you, yourself would pay money for and you will never miss a wink of sleep, nor have to avoid running into anyone who bought your product or service. So make that list.


What Was The Name Of That Opera?


There is an anagram that reminds us of what we need to do to be successful in marketing. It used to be known as ‘A.I.D.A.’, pronounced Aye-ee-da, as in the opera by Guiseppe Verdi. I prefer to use A.I.D.AC., as in ‘Ay-Dack’, especially as the ‘AC’ is really important.


While the next step won’t be an opera, it will be a presentation, a webinar. Now before you roll your eyes and groan, webinars are not beyond your technical capabilities. Anyone can create one using Google Hangout or Periscope. In fact, I’m moving all my webinars over to Periscope. If you want to see how easy and simple it is, go to Google Play Store or iTunes and download Periscope, then add me @ameerrosic.


Your webinar needs to follow the AIDAC formula.


A – Attention

I – Interest

D – Desire

AC – Action


First of all, you need to grab their attention, arouse their interest, create some desire and then get them to take action. That’s it in a nutshell. Say you have a fitness product or weigh loss counselling program to sell and your headline screams:


Would You Like To Lose 30 Pounds In Just 90 Days? (ATTENTION)


We all suffer from a sad diet, lack of sleep, stressful jobs, lack of finances and to make things worse, we are over weight!  (INTEREST)


Well we have the solution and you, of all people, can make it work if you really want to! In fact, the first step that will guarantee you are on the path to success is the easiest you can take. (DESIRE)


Sign up today for our FREE webinar and get the right information. Click Here! (ACTION)



Even if you don’t have the ‘product’ ready to go yet, it doesn’t matter because you are doing things the right way. You are:


  1. Testing the marketplace to see if there is any interest for your product or service
  2. Getting some great help actually developing and creating the product (more about this later, keep reading) and
  3. Giving these early adopters the chance to make huge savings and be so happy about it they will give you killer testimonials!



Build It And They Will Come


So now you have created the ‘product’, or at least a marketing piece you will use to get people to your webinar. So build the webinar and create the presentation. Let’s say it is for a ‘boot camp’ training course. 4-6 weeks of once a week webinar instruction and interaction to really help people work through the hardest part of any weight loss program… getting started and maintaining momentum. You might not even have the course written yet but that is a good thing!


What you do now is use that list of family and friends to attract the first participants to your webinar. Send out the emails, contact them on Facebook or even speak to people face to face. Tell them in as nice a way as possible, they are friends and family, remember, that you are holding a webinar in 3 days time. Let’s say you have 500 on your list and you get 100 to sign up. On the day say 60 actually attend and you go through your pitch, let’s say it is a $497 course you are giving away to this first audience of family and friends for just $47.


You get them all excited because you let them know how they will be helping you to develop the final product because you will be inviting their feedback and suggestions and adapting the course to suit as you go. They will feel like they are a part of the process and making a real difference and you will get valuable market research. Let’s say we get lucky and 20 of them sign up. You just made $1,000, or close enough to it. We will keep that aside and spend it wisely on some targeted advertising; now we’ve got ‘budget’!


Staying One Chapter Ahead


Now all you need do is write the first lesson, chapter or presentation of the course, present it, get the feedback and incorporate any changes into the second chapter. You write that before the next week’s webinar so you don’t waste a lot of precious time and energy creating a course that there is no interest in or that turns out to be nothing like what people really want. What you have done using this method is:


  • Created a valuable List
  • Identified a market need
  • Developed a successful product and
  • Sown the seeds for success!


That last point is a biggie. From this ‘nucleus’ group you have created the potential for growth as they will tell their friends and they will, in turn, tell theirs. People who know the people you know will now be chasing you and wanting to be added to your list! You can now canvas them to find out what other needs they have you can fulfil and, because it all began with a list made up of people you know and who know and trust you, it has value no ‘store bought’ list could ever generate. Have an amazing day. If you want more information about marketing and mindset growing your business, you can reach me at on Periscope @ameerrosic. Talk to you soon and Adios!