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Biohacking is a new term which has emerged during the 21st century. It describes a new movement based on the principles of natural health, strength, business, mindset, growth hacking and the constant drive to better oneself, no matter the odds.

Biohackers like Ameer Rosic are on the cutting edge of human performance, constantly striving to find better ways for humans to live their lives optimally.

But what is biohacking? And what can it do for you? Read on to discover the answers to these and other questions!

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a combination of many different fields. Biologists, health scientists, business, mindset, nutritionists, fitness experts and personal trainers, epigenetics specialists, and many other professionals are part of the biohacking movement. That’s where the “bio” part comes from. The “hacking” part comes from the elements of the hacker ethic present in the biohacking world. The hacker ethic has two main tenets: freedom of information, and improving quality of life.

Freedom of Information

Hackers love to share their information freely with others, and biohackers are no different. Many biohackers spend their time online. Some have podcasts, others write blogs, and still others have YouTube channels, or even television shows. And each one of these is packed full of information on how you can take your own biology to the next level. Biohackers, by and large, love to share their information with you!

Improving Quality of Life

Many people have issues related to their health, which aren’t as obvious as a broken leg or a bad back. These may have been present for their entire life, so they might not even recognize them as a problem! After all, they don’t know any better. But there are solutions! No matter what issue you’re dealing with, whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s someone out there somewhere working on a solution. Biohacking takes a look at the conditions around someone’s life, and tries to find how they can live the healthiest way possible

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The Natural Approach to Biohacking


Biohacking starts with a natural approach to health, using techniques already available to boost your performance. Part of this involves a scientifically developed nutritional regimen designed to give you exactly what your body needs for your given activities. For example, if you’re a cycling enthusiast, you’ll have different nutritional needs than a football player, or a long distance runner. So each athlete will develop a specific regimen for their unique needs.

Biohackers are also likely to pay attention to their sleep cycle, and how they can best take advantage of that. A lot of research has been done on sleep in recent years, and our understanding of it has grown tremendously. On top of this, the modern world presents dangers and hazards which humans have never before had to deal with, and biohackers are always looking for solutions.


From pollution to radiation to sitting for extended periods of time, there are ways to solve each of these problems and reduce your risk of suffering from the negative effects of them! Biohackers look for ways to improve every aspect of their lives. But they don’t necessarily stop at the natural world! Other biohackers take it to the next level, inserting actual machinery into their biology to boost their performance.


These people are using highly experimental techniques which might put them in danger, or it may lead to the next big discovery in health technology. But not everyone is willing to use themselves as a human guinea pig!



Who are the Leaders in the Biohacking World?

Although there are no official “leaders”, here are some of the bigger names in biohacking out there.

Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey, of “The Bulletproof Executive”, has used biohacking techniques to lose 100 pounds, boost his IQ by more than 20 points, and even decrease his biological age! His company, The Bulletproof Executive, reveals many of the secrets Dave Asprey has discovered over the years to improve sleep effectiveness, optimize your nutritional intake, and more! His specialty is his Bulletproof Coffee, designed to not only improve your cognitive functions, but also help fight cancer and keep your body running at its peak! Dave Asprey has been a guest on Ameer Rosic’s show to talk about his unbelievable method for increasing your IQ by 12 points in only 7 days! Discover more about Dave Asprey at The Bulletproof Executive’s website.

Ben Greenfield

Ben GreenfieldBen Greenfield is a biohacker whose focus is on fitness and personal training. But his approach reaches far beyond that! Combining the best in fitness, nutrition, and health science, Ben Greenfield wants to discover how to live the most optimal life possible. Ben Greenfield was a guest on biohacker Ameer Rosic’s show. He talked about the power of cold showers, bio-photonic energy (not as crazy as it sounds!), heart rate optimization, and much more.

Dr. Seth Roberts

Dr. Seth RobertsThe late Dr. Seth Roberts was a psychology professor, but he seems to have had more of an interest in health and nutrition. Years of experimentation with different techniques, using himself as a guinea pig, led to the discovery of what he called the Shangri-La Diet, which he talks about in the book of the same name. He used this new diet technique to return to a healthy weight, and it has helped many others achieve similar results! Other techniques Dr. Seth Roberts discovered include solutions for insomnia and improving your mood. …and, of course, Ameer Rosic!


Biohacking Resources

Biohacker Ameer Rosic has a series of valuable content on this very website! For more information on biohacking, you’re in the right place! Explore and you’ll discover biohacking articles, reviews, podcasts, videos, interviews, and more!
June 24, 2014